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Rates & Fees

Effective as of: 0919/2022
Fee Schedule
Late Payment Fee$20.00
Return Check Fee$25.00
Cash Advance Fee$1.00
Document Fee$2.00 for each copy
Documentation Fee$10.00
New Card Fee$10.00
Replacement Card Fee$65.00
Loan Processing Fee (Credit Report) $10.00 per applicant
Skip-A-Payment Fee $25.00 per loan
Dormant Account Fee $10.00 Annually for balances of less than $50
Withdrawal of Shares $ 5.00 for each withdrawal after 4 per quarter
Returned Deposited Check (NSF) $25.00
Returned ACH (NSF) $25.00
Late Loan Payment Fee**$25.00 (after 1 O days delinquent)
Early Account Closure Fee **$15.00 (If acct is opened and closed within 90 days)
Returned/Bad Address Fee**$5.00 (correspondence returned and fee charged by US Postal Service)
Research Fee $20.00 per hour (1 hr. minimum)
Document Copy Fee$1.00 per page

New Updates Coming Soon!

We are currently undergoing a conversion to update our systems and provide you with new and improved services as proven with this amazing new website! Coming in March 13, 2023 we will be adding Home Banking and Mobiliti allowing you to bank from your personal cell phone and computing devices.
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